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July 13, 2024

(Videos Available for 48 Hours)

From Teacher to Instructional Designer

Start your journey toward more freedom, flexibility, and a rewarding career
If you’re a burnt out educator ready to say goodbye to education and hello to less stress, higher pay, respect and appreciation from your employer, and more time with your loved ones.. your time is NOW.

Learn what’s working and not working for your Instructional Design Job Search in 2024. 

NOTE: This Workshop is for educators leaving the education field. 


Imagine...Learning the Insider Info that Helps You Land Your Dream ID Role

Where freedom, flexibility and work-life balance exist

Insider Info #1

Worried about market saturation? You will get a peek behind the curtain to see what is really going on from a hiring manager’s perspective (it’s not what you think.)

Insider Info #2

You’ll learn how to build a portfolio and resume so that you can replace years of experience, stand out, and get hired in 2024!

Insider Info #3

Confused by all the requirements you see on ID job postings? We will break this down and you will see what is REALLY required to land that job (you have to read between the lines.)


Hi, I’m Jill Davidian! I’m a 22 year veteran in the Instructional Design field (time flies!) I have worked with many Fortune 500 companies and other organizations like Chevron, Ally Financial, the United Nations, Hilton, Honeywell, ConocoPhillips, and more. I’ve done the work as a corporate ID and I’ve been a hiring manager who has hired countless IDs as well.

I am also the founder of Applied Instructional Design Academy, the premiere hands-on certification program for learning Instructional Design and e-Learning Development to transition into the ID field. 

On the personal side, I’m a single mom to a teenage son, and an AVID traveler!  I’ve been to 60+ countries on 6 continents. 

I have also paid off $80k in consumer debt over the last few years and have been able to take care of my mom who battled cancer last year, which would have never been possible without the flexibility that this career provides. 

I work with many recruiters and hiring managers on a weekly basis for both full-time and contract ID work and have an inside track as to what’s required to transition into the field. I have seen it all and am so passionate about bringing you my years of experience and insider knowledge so that you, too, can find your freedom in this field, whatever that looks like for you!

They (Jill, the proprietor, her staff of working IDs, and the designated success advisors) know what is important in the world of instructional design and they focus on helping to develop those skills. They truly want you do do well and view your success as a reflection of themselves.
Stacey Boehm
Former Education Consultant | Current Instructional Designer
It was encouraging for me to hear from my demographic that this transition was possible and there is a light on the other side (and now I’m one too!)
Jennifer Ormond
Former Biology Teacher | Current Instructional Designer
There are so many things to love about this workshop. It was straightforward with incredible and free resources. The workshop advisor was such a great addition and she always responded. I like that it extended beyond the 5 days and provided so much insight into the ID world.
Megan Meyer
Former Language Arts Educator | Current Instructional Designer
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