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Gina Hauth-Miller – Mentor

Zones of Genius

  • Storyline
  • Storyboards
  • Objectives
  • Wellsaid Labs
  • Resumes
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Design Docs
  • Script Writing
  • Contract/ Freelancing
  • vILT/ILT
  • Career Transition after 50
  • Zoom/Teams Skills
  • Needs Analysis
  • Job Aids
  • Storytelling
  • Questions about Job Postings
  • Rise
  • SME Management
  • Audience Analysis
  • PowerPoint Design Tool
  • Interpersonal Communication

What job/career did you transition from?

I have always worked in corporate training and marketing/communications in some capacity. For ten years prior to transitioning to Instructional Design, I was a corporate ESL teacher working with executives and engineers, primarily in the automotive industry. I loved working one-on-one with my students to help them determine their language needs so that they could meet their professional goals. Eventually, I wanted a more consistent work schedule while still maintaining control over that schedule. Once I learned about ID, I knew that it was the perfect way for me to bring together all my prior experience!

Why did you join AIDA?

I joined AIDA to address what I saw as the biggest obstacle to getting a job in ID: my lack of skill in the Storyline and RISE authoring tools. I knew I needed to be able to build the training I was confident I could design. Even if I never became an eLearning Developer, understanding what Storyline could do would inform my design.

How did AIDA set you up for Success?

I completed a graduate certificate in Instructional Design before I found AIDA. It was a great program for adult learning theory but lacked the concrete training in the authoring tools (Storyline) needed for ID. Once I saw how the AIDA program was structured, I knew it would give me that practical training in a very supportive environment. It was the perfect program to close the gap and move me confidently into Instructional Design.

What do you love about AIDA?

I love how supportive everyone is! My work style is to put my head down and get to work. That was how I started AIDA. I soon realized I was missing out on a lot of informal learning by keeping to myself. Everyone is quick to respond to questions, celebrate with you, or provide words of encouragement. This carries throughout the program and beyond. The strength of the alumni community of AIDA is a testament to that. We choose to stay connected after we leave because we have built genuine relationships with other amazing people. We want to continue to learn and celebrate with each other!

What are you doing now?

I am an Instructional Designer for 1099 contract jobs. I create Design Documents and Storyboards so I have a lot of interaction with SMEs. I also design and develop Job Aids and Structured on the Job Training (SOJTs). For another contract, I am on a training lifecycle maintenance team which means that I update training. There is a lot of variety in the work I do and I love it!

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