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Pack Your Bag: Introduction to Summer Camp & Your Camp Counselor

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Sprinkler Run: Breaking Down the 2024 ID Job Search Process

What you’ll learn: How the Instructional Design job market has changed in 2024. What to expect to make in the field.

Arts and Crafts: Breaking Down an ID Job Posting

What you’ll learn: The key skills hiring managers are looking for. How to accurately read a job posting and interpret what they are looking for.

Archery: Your Secret Weapon for Landing an ID Role

What you’ll learn: How do you land a job with no experience? What needs to be in your portfolio before you start applying.

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Pull out your notebooks and take a look at your Mad Libs from this morning!

  • Does anything you’ve learned so far today change your answers?
  • How so?
  • What skills and gaps have you identified about taking your next steps into Instructional Design?
Talent Show: Optimizing Your Resume, LinkedIn and Learning to Talk the Talk

What you’ll learn: How to properly translate your educator skills to Instructional Design skills. How to make sure you stand out during the job search.

Relay Race: How to Fast-Track Your ID Job Search

What you’ll learn: What is the purpose of networking and why is it so important in 2024?

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