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Resources forTransitioning into Corporate Instructional Design

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Transitioning to a new career can be overwhelming. So many resources and directions to take – how do you focus on what will get you hired?  

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Download these free guides, tools, and templates

as you start your Instructional Design journey

Become an Instructional Designer: The Ultimate Guide

Are  you wondering what Instructional Design is? Or maybe you have decided to transition to ID but are overwhelmed and wondering where to start?  This guide has everything you need to get started!

Instructional Designer Resume Rewrite Guide and Worksheet

Wondering how to rephrase your transferable skills in a way that will get your resume noticed?  This guide and worksheet will help you to think through how to rewrite your resume in Instructional Design language. 

10-Step Guide to Create a Winning ID Portfolio

Create a portfolio that stands out from the crowd and wows hiring managers, even when you have no experience, with this 10-step guide.

Ace Your Instructional Design Interview (Questions Hiring Managers Ask and Their Answers)

Peek behind the curtain and get the exact questions used by many hiring managers when they hire Instructional Designers, as well as the best ways to answer them. 

Design Document Template

A design document is an important piece of your Instructional Design portfolio.  Get the template so you can create your own.

e-Learning QA (Quality Assurance) Checklist

When creating e-Learning samples for your portfolio, QA’ing them may be the most important part.  Use this checklist to be sure you aren’t missing anything.

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Recommended Books

Design for How
People Learn
-Julie Dirksen-

This is a must have for new Instructional Designers on how to create engaging adult learning. 

The Non-Designer’s Design Book
-Robin Williams-

This is a must if you weren’t born a graphic designer and often feel challenged when it comes to visual design.  It’s more of a reference manual than a cover-to-cover read.

The Accidental Instructional Designer
-CammY Bean-

This is a great read about how the overall corporate Instructional Design process works, including how to work with Subject Matters Experts.

Beyond the Bell
-Calley Hood-

This is the author’s story on how she transitioned from teaching into Instructional Design. She went through one of our Instructional Design Jumpstart workshops before she transitioned and shouts us out in the beginning of the book.

Map It
-Cathy Moore-

This is an intermediate level read (not your first ID book) but after you have the basics down, this book will introduce you to action mapping for training design.

The Big Leap
-Gay Hendricks-

Often, transitioning to a new career bringings up a lot of apprehension and fear as you dive into the unknown. This is not an Instructional Design book but it’s great for transitioning IDs because it talks about conquering your fears so you can get to the next level.

You are a Badass
-Jen Sincero-

This is also not an Instructional Design book but it is an amazing book about squashing the limiting beliefs that live in your head so that you can live your best life.  Limiting beliefs are what hold many back from successfully making the transition to ID.

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