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AIDA Portfolios and
eLearning Samples

Browse portfolios and samples designed by Applied Instructional Design Academy students.

Want an amazing Instructional Design Portfolio that gets you hired?

 A well-built, corporate-focused ID portfolio is crucial to leading a Corporate ID job.  It’s almost impossible to get hired without one,and it can’t have anything education-related in it if you want a corporate job.

Wondering how you can build one with no experience?  It may seem daunting, but we help aspiring Instructional Designers built portfolios from scratch every day. 

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Browse Our ID Portfolios

Lacey Wieser

Lindsay Kravit

Erin Dotson-Kelly

Erika Lopez

Nikki Bowers

Susan Ogilvie

Sharon Stahrfisher

Yuliya Sharshatkina

Eva Okhankhuele

Christine Gravelle

Brenda Barley-Kay

melanie babadjanov

Kristina Rider

Abby Berthold

Dyan Zuber

Leslie Conner

Gina Hauth-Miller

Sandy Rousslang

Megan Pirrello

Melitta Igwe

Raine Millhorn

Rachel Prince

Amber Linthakhan

Caroline Hain

Melissa Cortes

Nicole Burgett

Linda Riley

Laura Bazant

Mandy Harvey

Kimberly Bauer

Joan Ruffels

Kristin Giangarra

Erin Gatto

Emily Heine

Heather Sternitzy

Courtney Brophy

Connie Schreibeis

Desiree Oswald

Amanda Roschetzky

Agnes Szoltysek

Christa Kratowicz

Jodi Smith

Wendy Lowenberg

Jaclyn Russo


paul miglin

Stacy Sina


Candace stuart morris

Susan darcy

carl eugene moore

cynda fickert

polly thombley

Monique Williams

Dana Schollar

Angela green

eLearning Samples
Venus Miller
Brenda Kay
Tami Havton
Carol Beach
Erin Dotson-Kelly
Melitta Igwe
Casey Mulvhill
Lacey Wieser
Eva Ebaide
Katie Gibbs
Lindsay Kravit
Simone Arthur
Julie Gillespie
Karen Strong
Angie Kassab
Amber Linthakhan
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