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Hire vetted Instructional Designers and eLearning Developers


No more searching through hundreds of resumes for that needle in the haystack.


Tired of looking through hundreds of resumes from unqualified candidates?

You are in the right place.

We understand the struggle to find qualified and well-trained Instructional Designers and eLearning Developers with solid portfolios who will hit the ground running right away. 

Hiring struggles that we've noticed

(and maybe you have too)

Seasoned IDs are demanding top dollar rates that are often out of range for growing companies.

Hiring the wrong person who hasn’t been vetted is EXPENSIVE (and not something you want to take a chance on if you can avoid it).

There are lots of people transitioning into ID right now without any preparation (or portfolio) and they are making it hard to find the qualified candidates.

It’s just way too time consuming to go through all those resumes, and even when you do, you often still come up short.

Imagine if you could have a curated set of well-trained ID resumes (and portfolios) handed to you?

Work Arrangements that meet your needs

Areas where we can help

The AIDA Advantage


Trained in corporate ID and eLearning Development for 9 months alongside ID veterans

All IDs have completed a rigorous, comprehensive  9 month career development program for instructional design and eLearning development (Applied Instructional Design Academy) and have earned their AIDA certification. The program is hands-on, designed to mirror real-life corporate ID work with extensive review and feedback, and focuses on applying adult learning principles, the corporate ID process, creating engaging learning, ID deliverables, visual design, and eLearning authoring tools used in corporate. 

Learn more about Applied Instructional Design Academy


Demonstrate skills and proficiency that stand out from the crowd

Our IDs are not only proficient in eLearning development and instructional design, including tech tools like Storyline, Rise, Camtasia, and Vyond, but they also have demonstrated that proficiency in their stellar portfolios.  These portfolios contain both design and development deliverables and our IDs have consistently been told that they stand out from the crowd when compared to many ID veterans with more experience.  All samples have been reviewed and vetted extensively by mentors to meet corporate ID standards.


Get a curated set of resumes that fit your work requirements, budget, and skill requirements at NO COST

We will curate a set of candidates for you that meet your needs at NO COST the first time because we are so confident you will be back. We have IDs available for W2 and 1099 contract work (full- and part-time.)  Some are better suited for the design side, some development, and some both. They command a range of salaries and hourly rates that are often within budget as compared to IDs who have been in the field for much longer.  You can either hire them directly or they can be subcontracted through our agency for an additional hourly fee. 

How It Works
Step 1

Contact us either by completing the contact form below or by setting up a call so that we can assess your needs and if our IDs and eLearning Developers would be a good fit.

Step 1
Step 2

We curate a set of resumes and portfolios for you based on skills you are looking for, level of experience, and other characteristics. Every candidate will come with a portfolio with a wide range of samples, demonstrating their skills. 

Step 2
Step 3

You review resumes and interview the candidates you would like to interview.

Step 3
Step 4

You make a hiring decision and either directly hire the candidate (W2 or 1099) or sub-contract through our agency (1099 only.) The first candidate that you hire is at NO COST because we are sure that you will be back to hire more.

Step 4
Browse Our ID Portfolios

Christine Gravelle


Dyan Zuber

Leslie Conner

Gina Hauth-Miller

Melitta Igwe

Amanda Roschetzky

Agnes Szoltysek

Jaclyn Russo

Looking for the perfect ID?
Let's Talk

Send us a message with what you are looking for or book a call so we can discuss your needs. We would love to save you time and money by curating a set of ID / eLearning development resumes / portfolios that meet your needs.

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