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Podcast: Jumpstart Your Instructional Design Career

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What is an Instructional Design Portfolio

Here’s what to expect from this episode: As instructional designers, we have the unique advantage of submitting portfolios to potential employers – yes, advantage! While it may seem daunting to create, a portfolio allows us to showcase our skills and is especially important when you’re just starting in the field. In this episode, I’m reviewing

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Understanding the SAM Framework & How It Compares to ADDIE

Here’s what to expect from this episode: You may already be familiar with the ADDIE corporate ID framework, but what about the SAM model? As you begin to apply for jobs, it’s crucial to understand both frameworks. Learning these methods is fundamental to corporate instructional design, and as you grow into your career, it will

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Do I Need to Buy a New Computer for ID Work?

Here’s what to expect from this episode: Do you need to buy a new computer to learn the programs for corporate instructional design work? The short answer: no! But you do need to ensure your computer has the appropriate specs to set you up for success when you’re learning and beyond. In this episode, I’m

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Software Programs You Need to Learn to Get an ID Job

Here’s what to expect from this episode: Job postings for corporate ID positions often include a laundry list of tools and software. As someone new to the field, it’s hard to know which programs are essential. Reading the job descriptions can be overwhelming, and you may think you’ll never be able to learn all of

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The Different Types of Learning Delivery Methods

Here’s what to expect from this episode: Understanding the various training delivery methods we design and develop as corporate instructional designers is crucial. This knowledge allows you to decide which modalities you may want to focus on as a corporate ID and determine the proper delivery methods for the learning you’re designing.  In this episode,

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Full-Time vs. Contract Instructional Design Work

Here’s what to expect from this episode: What’s the difference between full-time and contract work in corporate instructional design? Many people don’t realize the variety of opportunities available in the field of corporate ID, or that it’s not a requirement to work 40 hours a week if you don’t want to. A huge advantage of

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How to Write a Design Document

Here’s what to expect from this episode: The design document is a key component of the instructional design process, and it’s essential to understand its significance before starting your career in corporate ID. You’ll not only need to have a sample in your portfolio, but you’ll need to be able to discuss this deliverable during

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Choosing a Topic for Your First eLearning Sample for Your Portfolio

Here’s what to expect from this episode: Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of creating a portfolio? While it may seem daunting, a portfolio is an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills to potential employers, especially when you’re new. We’re discussing how to choose a topic for your first eLearning portfolio sample that will

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A Day in the Life of an Instructional Designer

Here’s what to expect from this episode: What does a corporate instructional designer do in the day-to-day? As a full-time or contract ID, you can expect similar job duties with several subtle differences. In this episode, we’re discussing the common activities of a corporate instructional designer. You’ll gain further insight into the role and personality

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Ed Tech, Higher Ed, and Corporate IDs – What’s the difference?

Here’s what to expect from this episode: Ed Tech, Higher Ed, and Corporate IDs – What type of instructional design should you pursue? If you’re unsure what options there are, this episode is for you! While this podcast specifically focuses on corporate, it’s important to understand all three avenues of instructional design so you can

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