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Podcast: Jumpstart Your Instructional Design Career

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Would I make a good Instructional Designer?

Here’s what to expect from this episode: What makes an excellent instructional designer? While it’s essential to understand what instructional design is, it’s another thing to know if it’s right for you. Making a career change is a big decision you can’t take lightly. You want to be sure you’re choosing a new career you’ll

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How the Instructional Design Process is Like Building a House

Here’s what to expect from this episode: What exactly is instructional design (ID)? If you’re unsure, you’re certainly not alone. For many, instructional design is a foreign concept; it’s not like nursing or banking, where everyone has a general idea of what it is.  At its most basic level, instructional design is the creation of

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The 5-Year Plan That Changed Everything: Jill’s Story

Here’s what to expect from this episode: Is transitioning into an Instructional Designer career the right path for you? Are you feeling stuck in your career? Maybe your job is stressful, keeping you in a paycheck-to-paycheck cycle or affecting your time with your family. Whatever the case, you’re ultimately searching for financial freedom, time freedom,

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